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register a property proposal

The integr8 group is active in a number of property projects.  Even if submitted property projects do not fall directly into our criteria we have a network of other investors who maybe interested and will discuss these with you to seek your permission to present your idea to these parties.
General Criteria for Property Projects
  • The integr8 group has the experience to invest in a range of different property projects across Commercial, Industrial and Retail.
  •  We have experience in, refurbishments, Greenfield developments, leasing up developments, land amalgamations and re-zoning.
  • All property projects are presented to our Investment panel for consideration.  If a property project does not fit our current criteria we have the ability to also introduce additional partners to the project and with your mutual consent would proceed on this basis.
We are open minded about any opportunity however our preferred criteria are listed below - 
  • Australian property projects
  • Up to $10m
  • Under perform asset
  • Opportunity for re-zoning or re-negotiating with tenants for new leases

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