the value equation
The Value Equation is the primary focus for each of the Professional Services Divisions.

The Value Equation: Value of your business at any point in time = EBIT (annual net profit) x your multiple 

Each area of integr8 Professional Services focuses on the value equation as part of the advice or work they undertake for Clients. This relentless focus on the Value Equation is one of the keys to the immense success being enjoyed by our Clients. Our consulting philosophy is based around the Value Equation and ensuring your business is Sale or Investment Ready at all times.

To increase business multiple we work with businesses to ensure things such as

  • Annual Budgets are set and maintained
  • Monthly (weekly and daily for some of our clients) profit and loss reports compared to budget
  • Regular benchmark reports for both financial and non-financial metrics
  • Brand Equity
  • Documented and adhered to Style Guide/House Guide
  • Signed supplier contracts
  • Signed customer contracts
  • Signed employee agreements
  • Documented systems and procedures
  • Documented strategic, operations and marketing plans
  • Legal compliance with relevant industry legislation and properly executed contracts and leases
  • Registered intellectual property rights such as trademarks, copyrights and patents
  • Signed shareholder/partnership agreements are in place

Correct insurance covers are in place If a business is increasing its Annual Profit and increasing its Multiple every year this is a very powerful combination for maximising the value of the business and ensuring sale/investment readiness. It is the primary goal of integr8 Group to always establish this key focus.

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