about the professional services division
This division of the integr8 Group is a specialist SME solutions provider.  Our primary focus is the Australian SME market.  The integr8 philosophy is about Value adding and providing a platform for our professional services clients to obtain the practical advice they need to run their businesses and outsource their non-core business functions as necessary for their individual business.  
The Professional Services Division work with clients to:

  • Define their exit plans
  • Implement systems, procedures and processes to ensure our Clients achieve their Exit Plans.  (Depending upon the client, an exit plan might be a six month plan, a six year plan or a 20 year plan)
  • Ensure a clients business is sale or investment ready at all times
  • Providing an integrated ‘entree’ of business services through the one location for integr8 clients to choose which ones they need at certain points in their business lifecycle
  • Providing a platform of professional and ancillary business services that enables businesses to outsource their non-core tasks to integr8

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services we offer


Consolid8 is an innovative and forward-thinking financial services firm that works with small to medium businesses and franchises to develop effective financial solutions.

You can learn more at www.consolid8.com.au


LegalMatters provides legal advice in most areas of law, specialising in business, property and commercial matters. Mr Anil Patel has over 30 years of experience in England and Australia.

You can learn more at www.legalmatters.com.au


Financial Planning

MQ Financial Services is a wholly Australian-owned unlisted public company of professional financial planners who operate Magnitude Private Wealth offices throughout Queensland.
You can learn more at www.mqfinancialservices.com.au


Business Consulting

Our team of experienced Integr8 consultants can assist you at any point in the business lifecycle. Whether you are considering a startup or are already established, the Integr8 Business Consulting Team can support you and ensure you achieve maximum business

For more information please contact us or view our business tools


Marketing, PR and Graphic Design

integr8 Marketing, PR and Graphic design is a boutique team with extensive experience in the marketing of start ups and fast-growing businesses. Integr8 Design specialises in providing fresh, innovative and forward thinking design solutions to all types of businesses.
Download the integr8 Design catalogue or view here.

Social Media

Video.Social.Marketing is a team of experts that understand how to unravel the plethora of online services available to ensure that your business uses them correctly to establish an online presence that is strong, consistent and effective.

You can learn more at www.videosocialmarketing.net


Information Technology and Cloud Computing

The efficient use of information technology is really the backbone of most businesses in the current environment. integr8 Group is a very active player in the digital and online space.  We have a broad depth of international experience in the IT space and we have a large number of external strategic relationships with key operators in this space which our team can help you navigate.

For more information please contact us


Human Resources

Our integr8 team provides expert human resources advice. You will benefit from having your human resource responsibilities taken care of, giving you peace of mind and allowing you and your employee’s to focus on what your business does best.

For more information please contact us

Business Sales and Purchases

JPAbusiness is a specialist business advisory, project management and business transaction broking firm which offers advice and assistance in determining the appropriate market value of their business assets and also business sale and purchase services through our business broking arm.

Learn more at www.jpabusiness.com.au


International Trade Facilitation

A number of our integr8 Clients have overseas operations and others are importers and exporters. A number of the integr8 team are experienced with international trade and global operations.  Some on the integr8 team have also been involved with international acquisitions and divestures and in addition to this we have a wide network of global contacts that we can introduce our Clients to in order to facilitate their international trade and business operations.

For more information please contact us


Financing and Insurance

Very few businesses can operate without the need for finance from time to time and ensuring your business or property project is properly insured is generally considered ‘best practice’.  Integr8 has a number of tools (checklists) to ensure you have optimised your insurance cover and we are able to independently assist Clients with the financing decisions and insurance decisions.

For more information please contact us

Web Design/E-commerce

Neto simplifies and streamlines e-commerce by integrating all components of an e-business into one easy to use and centralised web based application which we call The Neto E-commerce Suite.
Learn more at www.neto.com.au


choosing the right services for you
integr8 Group specialise in the Australian SME market and offer SME’s the opportunity to have all of their core business requirements dealt with by the one group of professionals. It is, however, not a requirement that clients use more than one of our Services. For example some clients use Consolid8 Accounting and Business Solutions but they use their own lawyer and graphic designer.

However an increasing number of clients are realising the benefit of using a number of Professional Services offered by integr8 Group. The choice is yours – you simply decide which of our services you would like to use. Clients that outsource these functions to integr8, enjoy the ability to concentrate on their core business practices or core competencies, such as retailing, manufacturing or providing consultancy services.

integr8 Case Study example:

  • Consolid8 Accounting and Business solutions can prepare your monthly profit and loss report, prepare your quarterly BAS and your end of year financial statements and act as your external financial controller
  • Legal Matters can review your various legal agreements and prepare your contracts
  • Neto E-Commerce Solutions can set up your online shopping cart and integrate this with your back office inventory control, warehousing, freight and logistics, online marketing tools and CRM and accounting software
  • integr8 Graphic Design can redesign your logo, create a house style and implement a business Facebook page or website
  • integr8 Public Relations can help you develop a PR plan, raise brand awareness and write press releases All the while we are acting as external contractors so, as a client, you get cutting edge professionals who are up with all of the latest in their field
You do not actually have the fixed costs of employees in these disciplines, which means lower cost and less internal management.

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