about the online solutions division
We have assembled a team of online professionals who have been working in this space for a number of years and who have a wide network of contacts throughout:
  • US
  • China 
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Europe

Integr8 online is about providing clients already in or those wishing to enter the online space an E2E
(end to end) solution.

The key to success online is:

  • Keeping the process simple
  • Being scalable quickly
  • Being flexible and nimble
  • Limiting human involvement with each step of the process which leaves less room for data errors
  • Optimising your marketing spend (SEO, SEM and also for some businesses still utilising some traditional media channels)
  • Knowing when to get the ‘first mover advantage’ and when to wait for others to take the lead
  • Ensuring your intellectual property is properly registered where possible
  • Developing a series of Blocking Strategies (ways to block your competitors’ brands)

Clients simply choose which of these services they require assistance with and our team works with them to ensure they enter the online space successfully and maximise the opportunities in the online space

The Online Solutions Division can provide assistance with:

  • Assessing your online business idea
  • Developing a logo and other marketing collateral
  • Establishing how to bring your idea to reality.
  • Should you invest in your own in-house programming team, outsource to an Australian IT house, outsource to China, Vietnam or India
  • Platform selection
  • Platform integration to other business services e.g. warehousing, logistics, CRM, accounting, social media and marketing
  • Implementing and managing SEO and SEM campaigns
  • Managing customer enquiries

Managing the other ancillary professional services you will require Integr8 online’s core focus is allowing online operators to scale their operations into multimillion-dollar turnover over global businesses with no more than the business owner.

While this model does not suit every owner and every business it is becoming the norm in the online space and we have many Clients operating via this model. Our online team also provides a service whereby we actually manage clients’ online businesses on their behalf.  

online solutions overview
The Online Solutions Division is about solving Clients online problems and filling in the missing pieces.

Integr8 Online has developed an End 2 End solution for the online E-Commerce space. We are about helping Clients find their way through the online maze and helping them actually make money online rather than just transacting online.

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