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Integr8 Group’s Investment Team connects Investment Partners with businesses that want to move to
the next level.

This team of cutting edge operators either directly invest or facilitate the investment in a range of Australian SME’s. All of our investments are funded by private investors. Participation in our investments is by way of invitation only.

Our Investment Philosophy:

Our philosophy is about increasing the capitalised value of any business that we take a direct investment position in. Our Investment Team may retain these businesses for their cash flow or sell the investments depending upon the Exit Plan we have identified for each individual business.

Often the founding owners of these businesses retain an equity position and work with our team to continue growing the business. They benefit when the business is sold through a trade sale, Management Buy Out (MBO) or taken to Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Our group also undertake a number of property developments and sometimes partner with others in a range of property developments. We are active in the commercial, retail and industrial property sectors.

Our investment team analyses between 10 and 20 investment proposals each week and we welcome submissions from interested businesses.


direct investment managers
For a select number of Clients the integr8 Investment Team act as the Partner/Shareholder representative.

Often times due to an owner:

  • Wanting to step back from their business
  • Focusing on a special project within their business
  • Difficulties with making their business profitable
  • Difficulties with the General Manager and other managers
  • Difficulties with other Partners or Shareholders

The integr8 Investment Team take direction from our Client to represent their interests and work with the other Partners or management team to ‘Make Things Happen’. The integr8 team focuses on defining the “Exit Plan” up front. From here the team work on increasing the value of the businesses it owns through increasing annual net profit (EBIT) and implementing systems and procedures to increase the “Multiple” that is paid for businesses in an industry.

integr8 can act as a mediator and neutral party during Partner and Shareholder discussions to remove much of the emotion.  Integr8 can act as an independent party for negotiations with suppliers, customers and financiers.

One of integr8’s core competencies in its Investment and Private Equity division is the ability to utilise on an ‘as needs basis’ resources and the experience of the integr8 Professional Services division and the Integr8 Online Solutions division.

property developments
integr8’s Investment Team can assists with the acquisition and management of property projects.

Our team focuses on adding value to the property projects we undertake. We specialise in the Commercial, Retail and Industrial property market. We are interested in properties that have an existing income stream but are under performing due to the need for capital improvements to the property or improvements in lease conditions.

The other area our team specialise in is working with Stakeholder groups such as local residents, Councils and State Governments to achieve re-zoning of properties. .

our portfolio
The integr8 Group owns a number of businesses and property projects. Some of our employees have equity in these projects and the integr8 Group is also involved in a number of external Joint Ventures and Partnerships. Integr8 is a “Value Adder”.

Our team focuses on adding value to the businesses we acquire or the property projects we undertake. In most cases we also inject cash into these ventures so they can be taken to the next level. We either retain them for ongoing cash flow, borrowing capacity or sell them via a trade sale or move towards an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

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