what we can do for you
Integr8 Group can cater for a wide range of businesses
  • We manage a number of businesses and property projects on behalf of clients
  • We provide a broad selection of professional and ancillary services to SME’s specialising in allowing businesses to outsource their non-core professional services and ancillary business functions
  • We offer an end-to-end scalable solution for those operating in the online and digital space

Put simply
  • You and your business can be with Integr8 Group from start-up to trade sale or public float
  • Integr8 Group helps all businesses and property projects establish clear Exit Plans and put systems and procedures in place so they are sale and investment ready at all times
  • Integr8 Group allows you to operate a multimillion-dollar, global business with no more than yourself and your business partner(s)
  • You select which of our integr8 services you require for your business. Some clients use all of our services and others only a selection
  • Integr8 Group is about providing you with an integrated solution that is both scalable and flexible.

Our qualified, professional Division teams pride themselves on being some of the best business advisors, service providers and managers for businesses. Our team achievesa turnover between $1M and $50M and for property projects up to $30M.

how we work with you
We work with businesses to
  • Improve profitability and/or increase revenue and business success
  • Manage and support business growth and operational efficiency
  • Simplify and structure business affairs to streamline operations and maximise returns
  • Manage legal, accounting, financial, IT, marketing, graphic design, public relations and other operational issues and concerns which may arise
  • Provide and support growth strategies leading to IPO, MBO Venture Capital input or private equity involvement
  • Develop succession plans for the ultimate exit of owners, partners or for trade sale

The integr8 team has worked for years in business turnarounds, putting their own personal and investor capital at risk with great success. They have built a portfolio of widely respected investments and have bought and sold many others over the years.

The integr8 team work hands-on to manage these projects for the benefit of all involved. In recent years, they have taken an array of bricks and mortar businesses into the online world, managing and growing their portfolio, and assessing new investments on a weekly basis.

Through this hands-on experience they have developed a number of critical evaluation processes that support the swift assessment of new business opportunities. This allows them to make strategic investments with a great awareness of the prospects at hand.

We recognize that success in business is 20% ideas and strategies, and 80% implementation of those ideas and strategies! So our team provides the structure and supports the implementation of business plans with diligence.

The integr8 team work with business owners and their management teams on
  • Corporate Level Strategies
  • Management Capacity
  • Finance Capacity
  • Technical Capacity
  • Production Capacity
  • Quality Systems
  • Business Performance
  • Innovation and Vision
  • Introspective Micromanagement

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