Integr8 Group is built on the primary objective of making a difference to the businesses we work with, the team members we employ and assisting our Clients with accelerating the growth of their business ideas.  “Profit Optimisation” is the value set that lies at the core of every business we work with, and an approach we embed into our decision-making.

Our team specifically adopts the “optimisation of profit vs. concept of profit maximisation” because we aim to create sustainable business ventures that are growing their profits over the long term for the best interests of the Owners. While there will be occasions when profit maximisation will be the goal, sustainable profitability is usually the best approach and the one we will often drive a business towards. 

Our experience is that profit maximisation is more of a short term goal rather than being the best solution long term however the Investment and Private Equity team will spend more time with you discussing this concept as you set about increasing the ‘Value Equation’ of your business.

Integr8 Group aims to be responsible for:

“The creation of millionaires, with the freedom to enjoy life, by helping individuals create, develop and operate their own successful businesses, online ventures or undertake their own property developments.”

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