define an exit plan
The Integr8 philosophy is about starting with the end in mind. Even if your plan is to keep a business for 20+ years, we still believe you should consider and define what your business plans will be in 20 years time. By clearly defining an Exit Plan, you, your partners and your staff will have a much clearer understanding of why you do things the way you do.

Once your plan is defined it is much easier to put in place the systems and procedures to build the value of your business so that it is “Sale and Investment Ready” at all times. Knowing your Exit Plan will help the Integr8 team maximise your business value and it will also really help you when confronted with those “tough business decisions” which come up from time to time.

The integr8 team is about showing you how to work on your business and not in your business to unlock the value of your business and let you live the lifestyle you wish.

succession plan
We establish strategy and structure around a business ensuring succession plans (including taking on additional investors where necessary) are put in place and making sure your business is ‘sale ready’ or ‘investment ready’ within an agreed time frame.  

develop and drive a strategic plan
Develop and drive a strategic plan for the business. Every growing business needs to have a strategic plan underpinning the preparation of budgets, marketing, and HR plans. Those moving into the online space need to understand the potential impacts of their decisions and be guided to the best approach for their success.

Given the rapid pace of business today the integr8 team tend to focus on 90 day tactical plans but believe that documenting a longer term plan is still important. Integr8 does not usually suggest that such plans need to be excessively long however they are tailored to individual Client needs.

create and implement an operational plan
Create and implement an operational plan. It is critical to put in place a measurable program to track the operations of your business, complete with regular reporting processes. This keeps management, staff and consultants accountable for your success every step of the way and enables early intervention on cash flow issues. We believe that ‘What you Measure you can Manage’.

protect your intellectual capital
Protect your intellectual capital. The business environment has become more global and litigeous. Protecting your ideas through patents, trademarks and contracts is essential. Additionally, the online space has a number of differences to a traditional bricks and mortar business and our Online Solutions team have specialists in this space to guide you. It is critical that your security systems are cutting edge and that you have the appropriate software agreements in place to protect your ideas.

Given the nature of the online world additional precautions need to be considered whenever discussing your ideas with any external parties. The Integr8 Group team is experienced in traversing the Intellectual Property tight rope of the online world.

arrange a board of advisors
We establish a board of advisors in many fast growing businesses to assist in guiding them to the next level, and acting as a sounding platform for decisions along the way. A Board of Advisors with a strong track record will offer the credibility sought by many financiers, suppliers and customers early in the growth phase.

Integr8 can assist you with the best structure for the Board to suit your business and can assist you with putting this Board together. For many Clients their first Board of Advice consists of the Directors/Shareholders, their Accountant and usually one other independent person and the Board usually meets once a month for two hours with a set Agenda. Once again, there is no one solution that suits all businesses and throughout the ‘business lifecycle’ their is often a need for the composition and mandate of the Board to change.

A good Board of Advisors is not only about being a sounding board for the directors and shareholders but a good Board of Advisors is also a good source of introductions to external stakeholders such as additional suppliers, customers or business and political contacts.

arrange for introductions to influential decision makers
The integr8 Group team is well connected and pride ourselves on linking our clients to investment partners, financiers, specialist services providers, Government departments, industry leaders, business mentors and key customers and suppliers. We also assist in key negotiations, international trade partners and networks, making our clients more successful.

manage capital requirements
Integr8 Group manage the key capital requirements of their clients’ businesses, overseeing cash flows, understanding funding requirements, and coordinating investments, divestments and equity placements on their behalf. We place both direct and indirect investment into a wide variety of businesses with accelerated growth prospects and help clients with their capital decision making in a proactive way.

attract further investment
Attract further investment or debt funding and taking to Initial Public Offering (IPO) status. The Integr8 Group team is well connected and work with clients to attract further investment, debt funding or restructure their existing shareholding or debt facilities. Additionally, we work on developing internal systems and procedures that will enable your venture to pursue an IPO or Management Buy-Out (MBO) listing when it is ready.

outsource your professional and ancillary services
Outsource your Professional and Ancillary Services – We specialise in providing Clients with the ability to outsource all of their non-core professional services and administrative functions. The integr8 Group can provide you with access to our accounting, legal, marketing and design, IT, Financial Planning, Human Resources and Business Broking team on an as needs basis and we specialise in outsourcing these functions for SME’s..

move online with our end to end scalable solution
Our online division specialise in taking Clients into the online space and guiding them through the process. We also have scalable solutions whether your business is turning over $5,000 per month or $50m per month.

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