We are an innovative company that specialises in unlocking the value in businesses and property developments.

We specialise in both bricks and motar businesses and the online and digital space.  
  • Our principal mission is to ensure businesses are Sale and Investment Ready at all times
  • Our key objective is to increase the value of all businesses we are involved with.
  • Our starting point for our own investments and our clients through our consulting divisions is to establish the exit plan. Having a defined exit plan makes all of the tough decisions along the way easier and helps focus everyone on the ultimate goal.
  • We also specialise in unlocking the value in property developments.

Our key focus points are

Business: The Value Equation = value of your business at any point in time = EBIT (annual net profit) x your multiple
Property Projects: Increasing the rental yield and the capitalisation rate

Integr8 Group is a private company that has three distinct divisions
  • Investment and Private Equity: We undertake and manage our own business and property investments. For a select group of Clients we also directly represent and manage their equity interest on their behalf.
  • Integr8 Professional Services: We provide a complete suite of professional and ancillary services to external SME’s. You can basically outsource all of your non-core administrative and ancillary functions to integr8 or you can select which of our services you wish to use in your business. Integr8 Professional Services allows scalability and flexibility in your business. Use integr8 Professional Services as required.
  • Online Solutions: We provide an end-to-end (E2E) solution for online businesses. With integr8 Online you can operate a multimillion-dollar global online business with just yourself. We have the relationships and networks to allow you to outsource everything. Use integr8 Online as required. Integr8 Online allows scalability and flexibility in your online business 
Our Integr8 team works hard to
Offer independent professional services to external clients, allowing them to outsource many of their non-core administrative and ancillary services
Offer an end-2-end customisable and scalable solution for online businesses
Manage direct business and property investments on behalf of clients
Optomise the return on investment from all of our own businesses and property developments Integr8 is really a one-stop shop – to unlock the value of your business or property development.

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