neto e-commerce solutions
Neto is the only Australian based online shopping cart solution that fully integrates into all major Australian freight companies and all major accounting solutions such as MYOB, Saasu, Xero and Quickbooks. 

Neto is a scalable and customisable solution with real people on the ground to work with businesses to create their online presence.  In addition to the shopping cart solution Neto has developed a range of multi-channel marketing solutions for eBay and Facebook and our team culture is to ensure that an average of 20% of each team members time is developed to ongoing product development.

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consolid8 accounting and business solutions

The team at Consolid8 specialise in the SME and Franchise space.  Their core area of expertise is around businesses outsourcing their booking, payroll and accounting functions. 

Through a range of innovate software and business processes the Consolid8 team are able to provide Clients with daily and weekly financial reporting at a fraction of the cost and hassle involved with business setting up and managing their own
administration teams. 

Consolid8 also offers a payroll bureau and allows business owners to not only save on their booking keeping and accounting costs but provides.  Clients with real time financial information so they can make business decisions in a very timely manner. 

Because the Consolid8 team has all of their Clients financial information up to date at all times, this allows them to perform a range of ‘scenario’ analysis to help business owners make better decisions.

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due east restaurant and bar
Having come from undertaking cutting edge hotel developments in the past 15 years such as Hotel LA, Scarborough Hotel, Regatta Hotel and Chalk Hotel the Integr8 Investment and Private Equity Division have just launched Due East, which is a 500 sqm restaurant and bar in the emerging suburb of Gumdale in
Brisbane’s Eastern Suburbs. 

Due East has a heavy focus on steaks, pizza, salads and pastas, serving up a range of craft beers, boutique wines and spirits, and is probably one of Brisbane’s most child friendly venues.

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Venuezi is fast becoming the expert site in the functions and events market.  It is a site which allows individuals and companies to list their various function enquiries (birthday parties, weddings, Christmas parties, product launches etc) for free. 

The Venues, then gain access to these enquiries and send quotes, thus saving those trying to organise a function time and money in the process. Venuezi is about to launch a Suppliers section so now you can also start receiving quotes from suppliers that are ancillary to your function or event, thus saving even more time when trying to organise a function or event. 

The site also has a whole range of other features which help better manage your function or event and you can even get your friends or work colleagues to rate the venues you are thinking of choosing.  From the venues point of view, Venuezi will soon launch a functions diary and a range of benchmark metrics to report on how successful a venues function team is and what type of functions a venue is winning. 

Venuezi is also about to release a series of templates to assist venues in improving the productivity of their functions departments so Venuezi is a ‘Win/Win’ for both the consumer and venues.

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Big Shop was one of the first online trading businesses in Australia selling everything from power tools to jigsaw puzzles

The integr8 Investment team has sold off this part of the business and is now concentrating on the supply of genuine and non-genuine printer
cartridges and toners.

We have established some very strong relationships with the major global manufacturers and this allows Big Shop to sell printer cartridges and toners to consumers for 30% to 40% less than bricks and mortar stationery stores. 

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property developments
Our property projects are managed to maximise the rental yield and cap rate. We aim to regularly rezone and redevelop our property projects as the market dictates.

management of businesses/property developments on behalf
Given integr8 manages its own investments, has a full Professional Services division and an E2E Online team, the natural progression has been to manage a number of businesses and property developments on behalf of Clients. We would be pleased to discuss options further by way of a consultation.

The Investment and Private Equity Division has a specialised team to assist in:
  • Guiding and managing your direct investments and holding your fellow shareholders, joint venture partners, external consultants and executive management team accountable. We undertake this service for a number of high net worth individuals and older business owners who no longer wish to be involved in the day to day management of their businesses or property projects but who either do not wish to sell or are not able to currently achieve the price they are seeking. By focusing on the Value Equation and implementing our ‘Sale Ready’ and ‘Investment Ready’ strategies we have helped a number of business owners achieve significantly greater annual profits from their businesses and significantly greater sale prices. The integr8 Investment team have also taken the pressure off the business owner by acting as their representative
  • Reviewing your on-going investment and help you consider options such as taking on another Partner, options for injecting more capital or exit strategies
  • Other areas can include seeking and assessing new investment opportunities and taking a position on your board of directors or attending monthly shareholder meetings as your representative to hold your other shareholders, joint venture partners, external consultants and executive management team members accountable.

Our team manages all of the investments made directly by integr8 Investments actively, driving the best growth possible. We are constantly looking to inject capital into strategic opportunities for our partners, direct funds and associated investors.

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