People end up running their own businesses for a diverse number of reasons and as a result of a multitude of different life experiences.

The integr8 group is a boutique operation, specialising in the Small to Medium Enterprise market and Australian Property developments. Our focus is on bringing “Best Practice” and “Global Solutions” to our Clients and our own investments. Our team operates both in the traditional business space and the online and digital space.

We have three divisions:

Professional Services Division:

  • Assists businesses in becoming ‘sale or investment ready’.
  • Provides a range of professional and ancillary services that enable businesses to outsource their ‘non-core’ administrative functions.
  • Sources investment funds (Equity and Debt) for SME’s.
  • Assists Clients with implementing a Board of Advice
  • Facilitates a range of corporate introductions and connections.
  • Takes businesses from Start up to IPO or MBO.

Our Online Solutions Division

  • Provides an end 2 end solution which allows Clients in the online space to grow their online businesses.
  • Has a team of consultants that works with Clients to make their online ideas become a reality.

Investment and Private Equity Division:

  • Undertakes direct investments in SME’s.
  • Acts as an investment partner with Clients in their businesses
  • Assists Clients and acts on their behalf in the management of their businesses by managing your direct investment on your behalf and holding your fellow shareholders or business partners accountable.
  • Undertakes a number of Property Development Projects

Our three divisions all employ a range of talented individuals. We are however continually seeking to add to this talent pool and would welcome an opportunity to speak with potential high achievers who are interested in joining our team.

Given the sensitivities with our area of work, client confidentiality is key to our philosophy. The integr8 team have a very diverse background and are involved with some cutting edge solutions, business operations and property developments.

We pride ourselves on finding the right solution for all of our clients and we would welcome an opportunity to speak with potential clients. The introduction meeting is always a ‘get to know’ each other meeting and we offer our time for this meeting complimentary but we do ask that potential clients provide us with some background prior to this meeting so we have the opportunity to undertake some preliminary research so that the meeting is productive for both parties.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Jason Titman
Director — Integr8 Group .

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